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Welcome to the Off Shore Law Information website. The term “Offshore” refers to registering, managing, operating or conducting a business in a foreign country, usually in order to make use of financial, legal, or tax benefits. An offshore Company is thus a company incorporated outside the country of its main business activities and/or the place of residence of its directors, shareholders and beneficial owners. Again, this is usually done to attain certain financial, legal or tax benefits. An offshore company is typically known as an IBC or international business company.

This type of company does not pay taxes in its home jurisdiction; however it must consequently carry out all its business activities outside of the country of registration.

What follows are some of the benefits of incorporating offshore. Most offshore companies pay no taxes on any income resulting from its offshore activities. Offshore reporting and compliance is also very relaxed in comparison to onshore jurisdictions, with most offshore companies not needing to run annual reports. With lesser reporting requirements, offshore companies usually have to pay lower maintenance fees because of the lack of accounts preparation and auditing costs. Registered office fees are significantly lower than buying or renting onshore premises. Most offshore registrars do not disclose information about offshore company’s shareholders and directors, and so the underlying principal may anonymously perform transactions via their offshore corporation, which exists as a separate legal entity. ¬†

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